Monday, June 4, 2012

Neverwhere Group Read Part III

Here we are at the end of a Neil Gaiman book. While this was a reread for me, it still left me wanting to go on a Gaiman reading spree. Marathon, anyone?

Stainless Steel Droppings deserves much thanks for putting this book up there for a group read and providing the questions for Part I and Part II. Now, he has left it free form for Part III!

Some impressions of the book: 

The Marquis de Carabas seems to hold to some form of honor and I always hope to be on the right side of that honor. It is clever and fascinating that he can keep his life in a box. Then he entrusted Old Bailey with his life! Is the Marquis a great judge of character or do you think he had some hold over Old Bailey?

Door is described as quite young throughout the book, yet she is making hard decisions (not always the right ones) all the time. If there is ever to be a sequel or prequel, I would love to see a bit of London Below through her eyes.

Vandemar and Croup got sucked out to the far end of the universe with Islington. I found it very interesting that Vandemar went willingly. We never did get to find out exactly what Croup and Vandemar are - they don't seem to take any notice of injuries and they don't bleed. I wonder if they are akin to The Marquis - who did take offense to pain and who did bleed, but who still came back from the dead.

Hunter went astray, didn't she? I can still remember the first time I read this book and I got to that point where you know for the first time that Hunter has sold out Door and is willing to crush anyone who stands between her and that spear and the Beast of London Below. I so wanted her to be the good good guy. In a way, she found her way back by giving Richard his chance. I do have to wonder how dead is dead - and what Lady Serpentine planned to do with Hunter's body.

Richard grew up a bit, didn't he? Though I did think he was jumping the gun to hire the Lamia. He was lucky to get his heat back, and his life. Then when it was all said and done, I really felt for Door when he left her there; it probably took remarkable courage for her to ask him to stay. However, I think Richard had to go back to his old life and see how pale and empty it is compared to London Below. Even with a promotion and everyone looking up to him, even with Jessica apologizing and wanting back into his life, it all just didn't measure up to what he became in London Below. It was achingly sweet when he wanted to return.

Questions for you: 

What do you think the golden toad in the box Door opened for Hammersmith was all about?

I remember the first time I read this book, I didn't see all the twists and tricks coming, from Hunter's betrayal, to The Marquis returning from the dead, to Islington's need for power, to the fake key. What twists and turns caught you by surprise?

Out of all the food we experienced throughout the book, it was Richard's English breakfast of eggs and baked beans he shares in a diner at the end of the book with his work buddy that made me shudder. Did any of the food strike you as over the top? Any descriptions make you want to go out and cook a Neverwhere dinner?