About Me

Who is This Stranger?

I'm Bryce Dayton I run My Awful Reviews. Currently a stay at home dad (though I prefers the more literal, and masculine title of "Man of the House"), I have two kids under 4 years old, and my reading time is precious to me. I pass my reviews on to you, because I want to make sure that the best books get the best readers. 

Since my wife and I started having children, my reading tastes have changed dramatically. I probably won't be reading or recommending as much epic fantasy as I would have in my earlier days, since it doesn't grab me like it used to. I don't have a favorite genre anymore (or sub-genre for that matter), I just grab whatever seems to interest me and run with it.

I live in the somewhat distant suburbs of Philadelphia, and enjoy reading, writing, playing Ms. Pacman (only the fast version, which can be hard to find), and watching a number of different sports.