Monday, February 20, 2012

Hexed by Kevin Hearne

I am really enjoying this series. I think you need to enjoy this series too. Period.

Kevin Hearne has continued his witty urban fantasy The Iron Druid Chronicles in Book 2, Hexed. Atticus is ~2100 years old and looks like a college student with tatts and a big Irish wolfhound named Oberon. Oberon stole the show in Book 1, Hounded, and he continues to be one of my favorite characters in Hexed.

Atticus owns a book/herbal/tea shop in Tempe, AZ. I love the southwest setting. Atticus has an eclectic group of friends; a vampire lawyer, a werewolf pack, a group of ghouls, and little old Mrs. MacDonagh up the road. There is of course his apprentice Granuaile, a smart, attractive redhead. Let's not forget Lakshmi (spelling may be wrong, please forgive me), the Hindu witch.

Picture the toughest, most hectic weekend you have ever had. Now throw in some demon-spawning witches, a dozen or so Maenads, a giant, bone-crunching insect, and a very nosy neighbor. Oh, and let's say Coyote comes calling and wishes you to kill a fallen angel that's eating school kids. Also, your blood-sucking vampire lawyer won't chat with you until you agree to help him kill a deity. Add a dash of rough sex and you have one hell of a good book.

The witty, sarcastic remarks had me laughing out loud. The ludicrous situations had me wondering how Atticus was going to get out of this one. The laughter at his expense, especially when he is nude, had me giggling. I have to admit that the cover art is a draw for me; simple, intense, sexy.

The voice actor was phenomenal. Luke Daniels had not only the Celtic names, but also some German, Russian, and Polish thrown in for fun. I love his voice for Oberon.

+++++: Intricate plot, fun characters, Oberon the dog, mythical beasties and deities, shape-shifting, the use of a towel as a weapon, and I have to wonder if Kevin Hearne plays Titan Quest.

-: I really hope that the author does something more with Granuaile. In this book she had a few good lines, got to show off her brains a bit, but showed off her good looks even more.


  1. I listened to the first novel of this series, and definitely need to fit the rest of the series into my listening schedule. Luke Daniels is quickly becoming one of my go to narrators. 

  2. YES. This series is amazing so far, I'm eagerly awaiting book 4. And not to spoil anything, but Granuaile gets a bigger role, and it's fantastic. I literally cannot say enough good things about these books.